you held my hand and gave me breath and pressed little smiles into my hair as you let it twine down down down my neck. i would live for you and i would kill for you and i would let the sword bite down on me time and time again so long as you promise you will do the same thing. you coloured the sunset and you watered the gardens and if you were armour i would be honoured to die in the bronze.

"achilles," you said.

you were always better with love than i.

this and this and this ] a.g. (via patrocius)



The school of Mamora Island had been in operation for a mere one hundred years before it was abandoned by the wizarding community. Located not too far from the Bahamas, the school was founded by the wizard Loas, who was discovered to be dabbling in dark magic when his behaviour grew more and more erratic and violent. Faculty and students unwillingly turned a blind eye, until a student was injured during one of Loas’s blind outbursts. After parents got wind of the incident, they withdrew their children from the school until the scarce student population forced Loas to close the school, although he remained on the grounds for decades where his descent into madness slowly claimed both him and the school. Wild weeds grew abundant, and the walls slowly crumbled. As water levels rose, more than half of the school was devoured by the mammoth mouth of the ocean. Although centuries have passed, protective spells around the school remain intact, rendering it completely invisible to the muggle eye. Loas’s vile magic lingers in the area like the veil of mist that shrouds the island, causing frequent weather disturbances and violent ocean activities.



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